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Quake preparedness in Jakarta

Jakarta, Indonesia: The Jakarta administration in Indonesia is drawing up a map of the city’s disaster-prone areas so authorities can improve response measures to natural calamities, particularly earthquakes.

Hari Sasongko Kushadi, head of the city’s Building Control and Monitoring Office (P2B), said the map would help officials improve evacuation plans by determining which parts of Jakarta are most vulnerable to damage. Based on a similar project in Turkey, the map divides the city into micro-zones of 150 square meters each. It lists all the buildings and soil conditions within those areas.

According to an article published in JakartaGlobe, concerning authorities should take this opportunity to redraw Jakarta zoning plans to improve spatial planning. Many experts have criticised unrestrained development in the city, resulting in a chaotic sprawl.

Source: www.thejakartaglobe.com