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Quadcopter to automate 3D interior modelling

US: Siemens Corporate Technology in collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) developed an aircraft quadcopter, a tiny engine block with four helicopter rotors on top. Using lasers, the aircraft scans every architectural detail and create 3D digital models of interiors. It manoeuvres through the air on pre-planned paths.
According to Siemens, the quadcopter is also known as “Fly & Inspect” project. It is a collaborative development effort between computer scientist Yakup Genc at Siemens and robotics researcher Nicholas Roy of the MIT. The project is designed to yield a system capable of autonomously acquiring data and building digital models of complex environments such as baggage handling facilities, processing plants and factory halls. Such 3D digital models would then be used to assess service needs or simulate major renovations. Genc and Roy expect Fly & Inspect technology to make this process efficient and robust. Quadcopter could also inspect hard-to-reach places such as wind parks and power masts for signs of wear or damage, as it can be trained to recognise features such as cracks. “At this point, the device still needs a human operator with a remote control unit,” said Genc. “But we expect that it will soon function autonomously using its optical sensors.”  
Source: Picture of the Future – Page-64