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QinetiQ releases new version of EasySVG

ArcGIS 9.x users can now enjoy the benefits of EasySVG, the comprehensive tool for publishing interactive web-maps. European science and technology solutions company QinetiQ has created a new version compatible with the latest release of ArcGIS. Both the professional and standard evaluation versions are now available to download at , with unique installations for existing ArcGIS 8.x users and those who have upgraded to 9.x. In addition, EasySVG for ArcGIS now supports a full range of unicode characters, enabling map features with attributes that use non-English characters.

EasySVG for ArcGISTM provides a simple, cost-effective solution for publishing interactive maps on internet and intranet. It allows publishing maps and geospatial data using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) that can be viewed by anyone with Microsoft Internet Explorer and a free plug-in from Adobe. As SVG maps are vector based and not image based they do not suffer from pixelisation at high zoom levels. Key features include an easy to use wizard, multiple levels of detail, full GIS viewer functionality and real-time map update.