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QinetiQ joins ESA in Galileo programme

31 May 2006: QinetiQ has signed a €7.3 M, four year contract, covering its contribution to the European ‘Galileo InReach’ Consortium for Phase CDE1 of the European Galileo system. The Consortium, led by the Belgian company Septentrio Satellite Navigation (SSN), is contracted by the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop the Galileo second source Test User Segment (TUS). This will play a crucial role in the end to end evaluation and performance validation of the Galileo system during the In-Orbit Validation (IOV) phase.

The major activities being led by QinetiQ include more comprehensive propagation analysis, security module development, and TST design, build and use. The ionospheric propagation analysis will be performed by the QinetiQ Centre for Propagation Analysis and Atmospheric Research (CPAR). The TST being built by QinetiQ will be used for independent validation of the Test User Receivers (TUR) being developed by the Consortium.