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Qatar’s Ashghal joins hands with Rolta on Moazanah project

Mumbai, India: Ashghal, Qatar’s public works authority has teamed up with Rolta to successfully implement a new, geocentric system for capital project request management. Known as Moazanah, the project was envisioned by Ashghal’s Engineering Business Services Department to develop a solution that could be used by numerous agencies and scores of end-users who wanted to access details about the various projects.

Rolta OnPoint™, the spatial engine at the heart of Rolta Geospatial Fusion™, is the cornerstone of Moazanah. This solution also leverages Microsoft SharePoint and Esri’s ArcGIS Server. New levels of operational insights are made possible through this solution that allows users to easily access data in an extremely user-friendly and cost-efficient manner. The Rolta solution provides invaluable insights to management into sharing of capital budgets between the regions in the country, and an opportunity to optimize capital expenditure. For example, the system can facilitate significant cost savings by synchronizing road closures for two projects in the same vicinity.

Engineer Nasser Ali Al Mawlawi, Ashghal’s President, commented, “Moazanah manages our government infrastructure projects from beginning to end. It has not only expedited the review and approval process, but we are already seeing cost savings, which will undoubtedly result in a significant return on investment.”

Abdussamad Mohamed Al Makei, Ashghal Manager of the Engineering Business Services Department, added that “Moazanah provides us with a forum to discuss and analyze the country’s infrastructure project proposals so that we can confidently move forward with them knowing they are properly managed and within budget.”

Mr. Shafik Jiwani, Executive Vice President of Rolta Middle East stated, “We recognized early that Ashghal had very ambitious plans for this system. It was quite a challenge to develop an interface that felt intuitive to the end-user so that the system could be effectively used for making informed business assessments and timely decisions. We applaud Ashghal for their vision and drive for conceptualizing and implementing this project.”

“The success of this project once again demonstrates the versatility and robustness of the Rolta Geospatial FusionTM solutions platform and its powerful Rolta Onpoint™ engine,” he added.

Source: Rolta