Home News Qatar Centre for GIS partners with Esri to develop national mapping strategy

Qatar Centre for GIS partners with Esri to develop national mapping strategy

USA: Esri, the global leader in location intelligence, today announced that it has contracted with The Centre for Geographic Information Systems (CGIS) – Ministry of Municipality & Environment, Qatar, to update its national data capture and mapping technologies in order to match the region’s growth.

Qatar’s economy continues to develop at a fast pace, and so does its infrastructure. Surveying and mapping this growth in 3D requires an innovative approach to the capture and production of data products in support of government operations, industrial growth, and major global events such as the FIFA World Cup.

CGIS turned to Esri to draw on its mapping, surveying, and imagery experience. By partnering with Esri and the aerial survey consulting firm photogrammetry4u, CGIS expects to adopt new technologies and geospatial workflows that will capture location data and turn it into valuable digital 3D products.

“We are very much looking forward to this collaboration between CGIS, Esri, and photogrammetry4u, who support the CGIS vision of being the geospatial authority for Qatar,” said Dr. Eng Mohamed Abd El-Wahab Hamouda, CGIS.

CGIS is committed to delivering enhanced national mapping products for use across government and industry within Qatar. The authoritative geospatial products produced by CGIS are being used for national security, infrastructure development, environmental protection, transportation, and municipal affairs.

“Esri is happy to be a partner in CGIS’s initiative to enhance and modernize its national mapping capabilities as well as its national data capture initiatives,” said Mark Baker, Esri lead for executive consulting. “CGIS has the vision to radically improve the delivery of high-quality, authoritative 3D information in this dynamic environment in Qatar.”