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Qatar atlas being prepared

The GIS unit of the Planning Council’s Statistical Department in Qatar has been awarded a project to produce an atlas of Qatar for 2005. It will be the second edition of the socio-economic atlas of Qatar, which was first published by the department in 2000. The atlas will primarily focus on analysing socio-economic data, mainly available through censuses and surveys conducted by the department, the report said. However, a significant portion will be devoted to topographical maps, administrative set-up, and environmental conditions. It will also highlight Qatar’s infrastructure, trade, economy and industry.

The atlas will be produced using GIS to process and produce the maps. A few maps bearing non-statistical themes will be based on the information available from other GIS databases in Qatar. The information in the form of maps, images, statistical tables and reports will be further processed in the GIS Unit. This will be first published in print form and subsequently converted into an interactive CD. The one-year project is likely to be ready by the end of next year.