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Putting GPS In Your Pocket

Fastrax Ltd., a developer of industry-leading products for optimal utilization of the Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), and Followit AB, a Swedish-based IT company focused on positioning services, mobile data communications and geographic information systems, has announced the commercial availability of their jointly developed Followit positioning device.

Starting in May 2002, the Followit transponder is distributed in key European markets through Novo Group GmbH, a provider of complete IT, GIS and mobile solutions based in Düsseldorf, Germany. Novo and its partners offer Followit as a service together with Novo’s mTrack tracking service.

“Followit enables keeping track of practically anything that moves. For transport and logistics companies, Followit enables the following and optimisation of their fleet operations. Insurance and security companies are interested in both asset tracking and the prospect of locating stolen property. And for consumers, Followit is small and lightweight enough to be sown into outerwear or attached to dogs’ collars”, said Mr. Ola Lundberg, founder and marketing director of Followit. “Fastrax provides us with the most technologically advanced GPS module available in the markets. We are very satisfied with the close cooperation”, Lundberg added.

The compact Followit positioning device is top of its class in both size and usability. Followit determines its position, speed and direction utilizing the GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite navigation system and transmits the data via a cellular data connection to the Internet.

The information can then be received using either a web-based map application or a mobile handset. For corporations Followit enables the easy management of large-scale location information systems through its web-based user interface. For an individual user the pocketsize device (70x45x30 mm) is affordable and handy to carry along.

Followit is based on Fastrax iTrax02, a stamp-size GPS receiver with extremely low power drain, and a GSM modem operated by the iTrax02 module. The device is programmable to send data either in real-time, or on specific time intervals, or depending on pre-set conditions for location, speed or direction. The device is programmed remotely through a web-based interface or even through a cell phone.

The modular software architecture of the Fastrax GPS receiver allows for integration with a number of applications and devices. With Fastrax iSuiteSDK software development kit it is possible to customize the receiver without a need to make changes in the hardware. As a result, the same iTrax02 receiver is suitable for both large applications tailored for corporations and consumer products such as cell phones and a variety of sports accessories.