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Pushpin(TM) Introduces Free PlaceSTAT API

SAN FRANCISCO, May 14 /PRNewswire/ — Where 2.0 Conference — Placebase, Inc., the creators of Pushpin, the most advanced online mapping API, announce the availability of a free REST API that retrieves and delivers neighborhood statistics and geographic information.

The PlaceSTAT service allows developers to get the location and shape of a specific geographic feature (for example a zip code, metro, county or state). This information can be used to draw more useful and informative maps and build better location-based services for Web, desktop and mobile applications.

The API will also return information on a place’s relationship to other locations and allows developers to retrieve statistical information about a geographic area.

The free service offers 15 different statistics for more than 65,000 locations, from basic information like an area’s population to useful tidbits like average income levels and campaign contributions. The commercial version of the API makes more than 10,000 variables available for over 200,000 locations and is currently being used by a variety of cutting-edge websites including Cyberhomes.com, Foreclosure.com and PolicyMap.

“The Placebase content is pure sugar on our Web site! The maps are sweet and utterly addictive,” said Kris Goodfellow, director of product management for Cyberhomes.

“Over the past few years, we have been dedicated to bringing mapping and location information services to all developers — especially those without GIS backgrounds,” said Jaron Waldman, Founder and CEO of Placebase. “With today’s introduction of our place PlaceSTAT REST API, we have taken another step in making mapping and location-based applications easier for everyone.”

Placebase’s neighborhood statistics and geographic information is available in both free and commercial versions.