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Pushpin Online Map Platform to give On-The-Fly access to mappable data

Los Angeles, USA, 17 April 2007: Placebase today announced the availability of Pushpin Collections, a massive library of name-brand mappable data offered through its Pushpin online mapping platform. Examples of available items include market segmentation, lifestyle, consumer expenditure, and demographic data, as well as geographic boundary data.

Pushpin Collections is a data library accessible on the fly through a map services programming interface. As a result, Pushpin Collections allows Web developers to easily enhance their fast, draggable mapping applications with data from Claritas, ESRI, NAVTEQ and other sources, without the usual up-front cost and complexity of data acquisition and integration.

“Data from Pushpin Collections makes it very easy to evolve beyond the ‘thumbtacks on a map’ cliche you see all over the Web,” said Jaron Waldman, President and CEO of Placebase. “With Collections, any Web developer can build fast, affordable mapping applications that offer any size audience timely, highly detailed datasets, nationwide to the block-group level.”

The Pushpin platform thematically shades geographic areas on the fly by accessing data from Pushpin Collections or in fact any data at all. It also has business applications, area demarcations (geographic boundaries) on tap that aren’t ordinarily found on online maps. Pushpin Collections offers easy access to real estate lot outlines (parcels), school districts, block groups and many other widely applicable boundaries. In addition, Pushpin supports customer-specific boundaries, such as sales territories. For more information visit www.pushpin.com