Home News Public Utility of Magdeburg (SWM) opts for ArcFM UT for all sectors

Public Utility of Magdeburg (SWM) opts for ArcFM UT for all sectors

The Public Utility of Magdeburg (SWM Magdeburg), Germany is going to introduce the new network information system ArcFM UT from AED-SICAD on ArcGISâ technology for all its six sectors of the supply and waste management industry.

With the new solution, SWM Magdeburg aims at extending the use of the expensively captured network data. Until now, it was mainly documentation. Already in its call for tender, the public utility had defined various following projects, most important the integration with SAP, the integrated planning in GIS as well as the connection with network calculation systems. At the same time, various functions, like the mobile use of GIS, the redlining of lines or the document management, will be available for daily business already on short notice.

Intergraph’s Internetz system which had been used in Magdeburg until now, will be replaced by the standard application ArcFM UT with its applications for the sectors electricity, gas, water, district heating, telecom and data lines as well as sewer management, for which the SWM Magdeburg are also responsible in their role as works manager for waste disposal.

It is the strategic aim of the SWM Magdeburg, to integrate the applications SAP and ArcFM UT as the main pillars of the corporate IT. This way, they achieve that the data are always held up-to-date and consistent in both systems, but are at the same time fully applicable through the bridging of SAP and GIS in the respective complementary application. All further network related graphical applications in the house are either replaced by the GIS or connected with it; so, all spatial data lie originally in the GIS, which this is representing with its functionalities. With the new utilities application from AED-SICAD, the SWM have a corporate and highly integrative solution for all spatial processes.