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PUB awards contract for consultancy services

Singapore: Public Utilities Board (PUB), Singapore’s national water agency, has awarded a contract to ST Electronics to provide consultancy services and to develop and implement parts of an Intelligent Water Management System (IWMS). The company has embarked on the project which is expected to be completed in the second half of 2012.

The IWMS aims to enhance PUB’s capability to integrate realtime information on water resources in Singapore and manage water operations across the entire water supply, water catchment, used water and drainage systems more efficiently.

ST Electronics will build an Integrated Control Centre (ICC) to house the existing control systems across the PUB’s operations. This will enable real-time monitoring, control and collaborative planning between the control centre, field teams and departments across the PUB.

Leveraging geospatial asset management system maps, the IWMS will visually display critical information including the location of water incidents such as damaged or leaking pipes. Response teams or vehicles can quickly be despatched and provided with accurate information and route guidance.   These teams will also be tracked to ensure that they arrive at the site in the shortest possible time to attend to the issue.

The IWMS allows both voice and video transmission from field teams to officers at the ICC, giving them a better situational picture. These officers will then be able to make quick and more accurate decisions based on the “live” information that they receive from the ground. Based on the received information, the system will offer the field teams guided solutions to resolve the problems. Through this collaborative decision support system, various stakeholders can better integrate their work in a common virtual space for speedy and effective response.

“The pressures on infrastructure posed by urbanisation are a challenge faced by many growing cities.  ST Electronics is therefore working towards a  wide range of eco-enabling ICT solutions incorporating intelligent diagnostic and analytics systems and  smart utilities solutions such as automated meter readers and intelligent energy grids to  help growing cities manage resources more efficiently and to remain clean and secure,” said Lee Fook Sun, President, ST Electronics.

Source: Eco-business