Prowess on display

Prowess on display


Hyderabad, India: The exhibition at the Geospatial World Forum 2011 echoed the fact that GIS has come a long way from its status as a technological tool to a way of life. The event witnessed participation of around 57 firms in the GIS field exhibiting their products and solutions to usher new relationships and making GIS as an acceptable culture.

Exhibitors expressed immense satisfaction about the event. When asked about the benefits they have gained with the exhibition, Trimble Marketing Communication Executive Ms Lin said: “One of the things that we take back home with us is the knowledge about the landscape of the industry. Participating in the event gave us food for thought regarding localization of our services and utilities.” She informed that they had many visitors who were interested in their Cadastral and utility services.  Responding similarly, Product Manager Leica Geosystems Jayadeep Singh shared that they got tremendous feedback from industry personnel and bureaucrats. “This feedback is valuable for us in customizing our services based on the clients’ needs,’’ Jayadeep said and added that the exhibition has end-to-end solutions in the arena of GIS.

Talking about the trends that this exhibition has set, Siddarth Parekh of Erdas expressed: “The gathering of different organizations to share their knowledge on a single platform shows the penetration of GIS in our everyday lives all over the world. This is the time to concentrate on grassroot-level to further business interests.’’ Another feature that he observed is changing customer requirements. “Earlier, GIS products and solutions were looked at as commodities. Now, they are being looked at services. Constant updation of imagery and technology is the force behind this trend,’’ he opined. Infotech Marketing Executive Vishal Kumar informed that there were many footfalls in their booth looking for IT solutions in the GIS sector at various levels. “Many engineering students evinced keen interest in the IT solutions part of the Geospatial sectors,’’ he said.

And it is not just the exhibitors who had a great time but the visitors and participants of the forum too. Deputy Manager Plus Expressway Berhard, Malaysia Rene’e Aziz Ahmad expressed great satisfaction about the information he procured from Rolta India booth at the exhibition. “They have provided excellent information, it was what I was looking for,’’ he appreciated. Presidency University Physics Professor, Kolkata Barun RayChaudhuri, who presented a case-study in the World Forum, has shown interest in the products and solutions offered by RSI Softtech Pvt Ltd. “I asked them to let me know if there is any special pricing for academic institutions. They promised to get back to me,’’ he informed. Pointing at the positive impacts GIS has in various walks of life, he said that bringing this technology into the classrooms at the undergraduate level is the need of the hour.

Source: Our correspondent