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Project Zuma to spread awareness about geospatial tech

Nigeria: The Office of the Surveyor General of the Federation in collaboration with Spatial Technologies Ltd. announced a blogging competition codenamed Project Zuma. Nigerian students from land surveying and geographic information courses can participate in the competition.
According to the company’s press statement, Project Zuma is named after the popular and legendary Zuma rock in Niger State. It is a strategic online campaign designed to improve and strengthen the online information footprint for Nigerian Geospatial and brand awareness 
Professor Peter Nwilo, Surveyor General Of the Federation, said, “Project Zuma is expected to provide the platform to improve the online search profile of Nigerian Geospatial industry regarding news, information, who is doing what and what is happening where within the industry. The project is also expected to improve the creativeness and innovations of our students. This we believe would transform Nigerian Geospatial industry from being a sluggish, uninspired industry to a vibrant, innovative and technology savvy mapping industry providing a wealth of information about the emerging industry to the internet community in a consistent and efficient.”
According to Ireti Ajala, CEO of Spatial Technologies Ltd, “The idea behind project Zuma is to engage young Nigerians studying land surveying and other geospatial related courses across Nigerian tertiary institutions constructively and assist them to channel their intellectual capacity, creativity and vibrancy towards an agenda of national development and other worthy projects instead of wasting precious time and money on social network gossips via Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, etc” 
Source: Spatial Technologies