Project to identify landslide hazards on the Big Island

Project to identify landslide hazards on the Big Island


Honolulu, US: Professor Peter Nicholson from Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at University of Hawaii, Manoa, has started a pilot project with USD 60,000 in funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The goal is to develop digital maps highlighting potential landslide hazards on the Big Island, Hawaii.

The maps will be based on slope stability factors including slope angle, material properties, rainfall intensity and drainage capacity. Nicholson will partner with the County of Hawaii Office of Civil Defense and the State Hazards Mitigation Forum to develop a GIS-based mapping and analysis tool. It will help identify landslide hazards affecting developing areas, roadways and infrastructure.

The results found from the study may be used for planning and permitting in areas prone to significant landslides. Once developed and established, the mapping tool would be available for other locations where data is similar.

Source: HawaiiNewsNow