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Project Porchlight selects DMTI Spatial

Markham, Canada, October 11, 2007: DMTI Spatial (DMTI), provider of Location Intelligence has been selected by One Change, not-for-profit organization that runs Project Porchlight, to enable the accurate mapping of residential addresses across Canada.

Using DMTI’s Location Hub Address Points, Project Porchlight can pinpoint the location of every single household within a certain boundary area ensuring that the right numbers of light bulbs are made available for volunteers to deliver. Project Porchlight is able to carefully track where each light bulb goes and maps that area on their web site (www.onchange.org) to demonstrate the reach of the program as well as the energy savings for that area.

Project Porchlight promotes energy conservation through individual action. The goal of the project is to get households everywhere to change one old-fashioned, inefficient incandescent bulb to an energy-efficient CFL bulb. The grassroots program encourages community participation by making it possible for anyone to volunteer to deliver bulbs in his or her neighbourhood. CFL bulbs are based on smart, efficient technology that is less harmful to the environment and can help consumers save up to USD 50 per bulb on electricity bills over the lifetime of the bulb.