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Progress Energy equip its workforce with mobile mapping & field automation

Progress Energy has selected MapFrame’s FieldSmart� technology to equip its workforce with GIS mapping data and automate redlining and routing processes. MapFrame will implement a set of four tools at Progress Energy – FieldSmart View, FieldSmart Sketch, FieldSmart Route and the server solution, Field Flow Manager – to create productivity gains and manage dataflow between office systems and mobile users.
“Progress Energy provides electricity to 2.8 million customers across three states. With FieldSmart, the teams will soon have GIS maps and facility data covering this entire territory contained within a single program,” said Jean Jerger, Progress Energy’s Manager Technology Systems Support. “This will improve response times – particularly during outages or storm restoration – and complement our efforts to consistently deliver quality customer service.”All FieldSmart applications are based on the core map viewing capabilities of FieldSmart View. View maintains a neutral interface to display data from multiple systems (including Progress Energy’s Intergraph GIS, Andersen CUSTOMER/1 CIS and MDSI Advantex mobile dispatch) in a single, spatially based viewing package. Field Flow Manager operates as the server component, handling data compression and synchronization between end users and Progress Energy’s back-office systems. Additional functionality will be layered over FieldSmart View through Sketch and Route. FieldSmart Sketch is a mark-up system for adding text notes, symbols or annotations to a map. FieldSmart Route creates point-to-point routing by highlighting the optimal path and turn-by-turn directions on screen. Field service workers will transmit redline files and receive map updates across a combination of wired and wireless LAN connections. The FieldSmart software also includes a standard interface to Progress Energy’s mobile dispatch system, MDSI Advantex r7. A FieldSmart mapping link geocodes street addresses from Advantex work requests to display the service location, or route from one work order to another. Users can also add notes through FieldSmart Sketch and send this information with a completed work order.“Progress Energy is a pioneer in field automation, far ahead of the curve in terms of mobile deployment,” explained Paul Wilson, MapFrame President. FieldSmart will quickly help Progress Energy derive greater value from earlier technology investments, such as GIS, work management and mobile dispatch, providing a significant operational advantage.