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Prof Ian Dowman joins GIS Development

New Delhi, India: GIS Development appointed an eminent photogrammetry and remote sensing scientist Prof. Ian Dowman as Editor – Europe for its flagship publication, Geospatial World.

Prof. Dowman graduated in Geography at University College London (UCL) in 1963, with a Diploma in Photogrammetry in 1964. Over the course of his career, Prof. Dowman has made major and sustained contributions to furthering scientific knowledge in photogrammetry and remote sensing in the UK and overseas. His work has been instrumental to developing better and increasingly automated, geometric models for accurate 3-dimensional modelling and topographic mapping from satellite data.

Since 1972, Prof. Dowman has been closely involved with the UK Remote Sensing and
Photogrammetry Society. He has also made long-standing contributions to International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) where he was president during 2004-08 and is presently its first vice president. He has been active in promoting the use of Earth observation in Africa and works with IEEE and OGC in organising workshops under the umbrella of GEOSS – the Global Earth Observing System of Systems.

Welcoming Prof. Dowman on board, Sanjay Kumar, CEO, GIS Development said “It is our great pleasure to have Prof. Ian Dowman collaborate with us. Prof. Dowman has long been championing to promote the importance of geospatial data in scientific and development activities and has made tremendous contribution in furthering the teaching and promotion of photogrammetry and remote sensing. With Geospatial World expanding beyond GIS technology to integrate associated technologies in the geospatial arena, we are confident that Prof. Dowman’s passion and wealth of knowledge in these technologies and his presence on our editorial board will further strengthen the position of Geospatial World as the premium, all-encompassing magazine for the geospatial industry.”

Source: GIS Development