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Privacy is not a barrier for LBS market: Report

Boston, US: The recent kerfuffle over Apple iPhone tracking and other privacy concerns will barely be a speed bump in the evolution of location-based services (LBS). The Strategy Analytics Wireless Media Strategies (WMS) report, “The $10 Billion Rule: Location, Location, Location,” predicted that consumer and advertiser expenditure on LBS will approach USD 10 billion by 2016, with search advertising accounting for just over 50 percent. Although location providers will have to offer greater transparency to users about how they capture, manage and store user location information, this requirement will not deter growth of consumer LBS. 
Nitesh Patel, Senior Analyst in the Strategy Analytics Wireless Media Strategies service, said “Strategy Analytics sees strong evidence of consumer demand for LBS in line with rising smartphone and data plan penetration. In fact, Google recently stated that 40 percent of all Google Map use occurs on mobile phones.”
According to this report, the rising consumer and advertiser spend on LBS will be primarily driven by location-enhanced search, accounting for 50 percent of spend by 2016 as advertisers target ads based on user location and desires.
“Although a slew of companies, such as Telmap, TeleNav, Yellow Pages, Aloqua, and WHERE, among others, are positioning services to monetise the location-enabled search opportunity smaller less-recognised players will struggle to gain advertiser mind share against internet search giants Google and Microsoft,” said David MacQueen, Director of the Strategy Analytics Wireless Media Strategies service.
Source: Business Wire