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Primus Geographics launches NAVmart.com

Denver, USA, February 10, 2009- Primus Geographics, a spatial technology consulting firm, is launching NAVmart.com – a dedicated Web site for NAVTEQ GIS data. NAVmart.com provides users with a comprehensive catalog of NAVTEQ GIS data offerings, including a breadth of formats, complementary data and product information.

The NAVmart portal will offer end-users NAVTEQ data sources for GIS, desktop, Web and enterprise implementations. Oracle, ESRI and MapInfo users can select the area/geography, file format and projections that best meet their needs. NAVmart also offers three unique color schemas along with improved highway shields for NAVSTREETS.

Primus Geographics customers will also have access to other spatial and tabular data to complement NAVTEQ GIS data, such as business and consumer demographics, regulatory geographies and much more. This Web-based endeavor, www.NAVmart.com, will provide instant on-line quotes with live chat for immediate customer service.