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Primordial releases crowdsourcing mapping platform

US: Primordial has released the beta release of Ooze, a cloud-hosted platform for extracting and annotating geographic features, such as roads, trails, trees, water, parking lot boundaries, and walls from overhead or street-level imagery. Ooze can also be used to identify, or measure physical objects found in imagery and video frames such as trees, fire hydrants, light poles, parking meters and road signs. Frequently changing data sets, such as the footprints of buildings, become affordable to create and maintain due to lowered job cost and reduced staffing overhead.

Anyone can post an Ooze job to create custom maps without a substantial investment in GIS expertise, tools or infrastructure. Companies, agencies and municipalities can leverage a large, crowd-sourced community so that they can scale their workforce on-demand and complete jobs that might otherwise be cost-prohibitive.

Source: Primordial