Prima Research gets key patent in location services

Prima Research gets key patent in location services


Denver: The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted two patents to Prima Research for technology related to the burgeoning location services business sector. The patents are for an invention that locates and tracks any radio frequency emitting device, such as a mobile phone, tablet, RF ID tags, or computer, in any three-dimensional space. Prima Research’s technology can be used to assure accuracy and precision of “indoor location-based systems” (ILBS). Indoor Location-Based Systems observe devices moving within defined indoor spaces and are being used to gather information by retailers, advertisers, marketers, and wireless device manufacturers, as well as wireless carriers and their equipment providers.

Depending on the specific implementation, the Prima Research system can locate a mobile phone in a defined space to within a few inches. Never in human history has it been feasible to observe individuals, or indeed entire populations, via wireless devices on such a scale or in such precise detail, let alone in real-time.

This powerful new technology has a wide range of applications, including: improved tracking for retail and marketing research, military and government applications, first responder victim location, traffic management, and crowd observation.

Source: Prweb