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Preparedness training for tsunami-prone areas

Indonesia: Four tsunami-prone areas, namely the Mentawai Islands (West Sumatra) Pacitan (East Java), Buleleng (Bali) and Palu (Central Sulawesi) received training in tsunami preparedness from June 21 to 25, 2011 in Bogor.
Iriana Rafliana, Community Preparedness Coordinator, Indonesian Institute of Sciences said the study results showed that public awareness of disaster risk reduction continues tsunami earthquake that still need improvement. There are some underlying issues, such as understanding people who are low risk and disaster preparedness and inadequate availability of data and geospatial information, such as maps and studies prone to natural disasters, “he said.
According to Rafliana, the steps that need to be done are to provide a thorough understanding of the region on how to conduct tsunami risk assessments and provide alternative measures that can be implemented as a risk reduction effort.
Training Tsunami Risk Assessment, organized by Indonesian Institute of Sciences, in cooperation with the National Disaster Management Agency, featured geologists (on earthquake and tsunami), GIS exports as keynote speakers. 
Source: www.republika.co.id