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PrecisionHawk signs UAV research agreement with FAA

US: PrecisionHawk has entered into a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the Federal Aviation Administration to advance the research around UAVs across rural areas. PrecisionHawk will be the only UAV manufacturer, joining CNN and BNSF Railway, in the partnership forged under the Pathfinder programme, an operational concept validation set up by the FAA to help integrate commercial drones into the US national airspace, stated Michael Huerta, FAA Administrator.

According to a spokesperson from the company, the partnership will leverage PrecisionHawk's extensive work in the global agriculture landscape to formulate a framework for various types of UAVs, fixed wing and multi-rotor, to operate in the areas of agriculture, forestry and other rural industries. PrecisionHawk will also test LATAS (Low Altitude Tracking & Avoidance System) traffic management system for UAVs.

Source: Precision Hawk