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PRA expands GIS express service

Photon Research Associates (PRA) announces the addition of Ed McLaughlin to the GIS Express sales team. GIS Express is a one-stop shop for aerial and satellite imagery solutions. Ed joins PRA from Tele Atlas where he was Executive Account Director-Federal Government. Previous experience included Commercial Business Development Director for InfoTech Enterprises, Inc., North American Sales Manager for AND Mapping NV and a GIS Production Manager for Computer Sciences Corporation fulfilling NIMA contracts. PRA’s unique master distribution agreements with the major satellite and aerial imagery vendors allow the GIS Express sales team to offer the most competitive prices available to end users and to support its own authorized reseller network. “Our resellers and vendors appreciate the efficiencies we bring to the marketplace by being a one-stop shop,” says Eric Waldman, VP of Sales. “In this expanding GIS market, we offer our customers the advantage of being able to obtain the optimal product through contact with a single company.” GIS Express offers image solutions for visual simulation, broadcast media, engineering and mapping, environmental monitoring, agriculture, regional and local government and entertainment. GIS Express provides unbiased information on the best source of imagery and processing services along with offering the best price available.

PRA is a cutting-edge technology company with more than 26 years of experience providing products and services in support of our national defense missions. Over this quarter of a century, PRA has been a leader in the development and application of physics-based modeling, simulation and analysis products and services for both government and commercial markets. Business areas span a number of applications of remote sensing technologies, products and services including: missile defense, surveillance/reconnaissance, intelligence data analysis, and stealth system design. PRA’s Intellectual Property (IP) and business practices are indelibly etched throughout each of these important areas of our national security enterprise.