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Portugal embraces GIS-based water monitoring network

Portugal: Aguas de Cascais (AdC), a water utility body in Cascais, Portugal, selected a GIS-based water network monitoring service provided by Israeli company TaKaDu. AdC is the first water utility in Portugal to adopt such a solution. This web-based service allows the water utility body to detect leakage and network problems as they occur. The TaKaDu service analyses data received from existing meters and sensors already installed in the AdC network, and identifies inefficiencies or faults before they escalate.

Through a press statement, Pedro Perdigao, General Manager of AdC stated, “The use of advanced technology is a key element in our smart water network strategy. The combination of high-capacity computing and an innovative algorithmic approach is powerful and beneficial. TaKaDu allows us to make the most out of the investment we have made in recent years in our water network, by taking data from flow and pressure meters, our GIS system and our asset management platform, and turning it into a practical real-time picture and priorities.”

The service was deployed with the assistance of Acquawise, a water consultancy company. Online network monitoring, combined with additional measures taken by AdC, has resulted in increased network efficiency and reduction in water loss – which is defined by ERSAR, the Portuguese Water and Waste Services Regulation Authority, as a key performance indicator requiring action by the water utilities in Portugal.

Source: TaKaDu