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Portland Development Commission adds mapping tool to web site

The Portland Development Commission (PDC) has added an online mapping tool to its web site (www.pdc.us) to help business owners learn about city grant and loan programs. The PDC said citizens could use the tool to find out if an existing business or property is located in areas that PDC has targeted for economic development assistance, such as enterprise zones, the storefront improvement program and urban renewal areas. The city of Portland originally developed the mapping software, known as PortlandMaps, to provide the public better access to geographical and demographic information. This data is organized and displayed using PortlandMaps, giving citizens the ability to view information about individual properties within the city. Citizens can query and review individual properties for crime statistics, census data, property tax, environmental, utility, political and street information.

To access this information, go to www.pdc.us. Click on the “GIS Mapping” button on the left-hand side of the page. Search for an individual property by typing in the address in the space provided. Information regarding PDC business opportunity areas will be displayed in relation to selected property.