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Portable Photo Organization device by ATP

Sunnyvale, USA, October 11, 2007: ATP, manufacturer of DRAM and flash memory solutions introduced the new ATP GPS Photo Finder – a portable photo accessory that allows for the convenient ‘geotagging’ of digital photos taken by any camera. Geotagging is a feature of digital images which allows you to associate images with the locations where they were originally taken.

The ATP Photo Finder is universally compatible with any camera using jpeg image files, allowing you to use this single device to geotag pictures from multiple camera brands and models. In addition, the Photo Finder can be used on the go without the need for a computer. Pug in your camera’s memory card into the Photo Finder’s built in card reader or USB port, and it automatically finds and tags your images without any additional software or hardware.

“The ATP GPS Photo Finder allows users to tag their photos with GPS coordinates and automatically find the locations at which the pictures were taken,” said Michael Plaksin, ATP Vice President of Sales. “Imagine tracking your trip across Europe or your cruise around the Caribbean, and to be able to visually and geographically organize your photos afterwards. With new applications such as photo enabled GPS navigation around the corner, I believe this technology will see significant growth in the next few years.”

The ATP GPS Photo Finder will be available in late October ranging between USD119-129.