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Poppy farming in Myanmar annoying China

China: The illegal cultivation of poppies in Myanmar has been doubled in last three years and it is causing instability in China-Myanmar border region, according to Meng Sutie, Director of Yunnan’s public security department in China.

Meng Sutie said the estimations were based on information collected by both countries during their long-term efforts to monitor the situation with satellite remote-sensing technology and through on-the-ground research in northern Myanmar.

However, Meng put the recent growth in the size of the poppy harvest into context, pointing out that a joint campaign by both countries saw the area of poppy fields fall from 201,000 hectares in the 1990s to about 13,400 hectares in 2007.

Yunnan province shares a 4,061-km border with Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. The three neighboring countries, as well as Thailand, comprise the so-called “golden triangle” of poppy cultivation.

Source: english.peopledaily.com.cn