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Popovkin appointed as head of Roscosmos

Moscow, Russia: Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin appointed former First Deputy Defense Minister Vladimir Popovkin as head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos. Popovkin replaced Anatoly Perminov.

Popovkin is a former Commander of the Russian Space Forces. Perminov, 65, will retire, as state officials are not allowed to serve after this age. However, rumors of Perminov’s resignation first emerged in December following the loss of three Glonass-M satellites meant to complete the formation of Russian satellite navigation system.

Perminov was reprimanded for not enforcing all the necessary pre-launch safety procedures and failing to spot a mistake in calculations that led to the carrier rocket veering off course and crashing into the Pacific Ocean, destroying the additional satellites needed for the Glosnass network.

Source: RIA Novosti