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Polysync introduces Prism, the most powerful vehicle interface platform for autonomous mobility solutions

US: Polysync Technologies, a leading developer of driverless vehicle technologies, today announced the introduction of Prism, its flagship vehicle interface platform. Prism is specifically designed to enable OEMs and AV industry partners to easily and safely interface with a wide range of vehicles and vehicle types, dramatically reduce development costs, and accelerate their time to market.

The Prism platform was designed from the ground up by engineers, for engineers. At the heart of Prism, the Spark System-on-Module (SOM) delivers a software-defined vehicle interface. In conjunction with Spark, the Prism SDK’s robust API empowers developers with consistent, safe, by-wire vehicle control capabilities. Combined, the Prism SDK and Spark SOM provide the most compatible vehicle interface available.

Prism’s standardized vehicle interface platform features “plug-and-play” choices for both vehicles and for applications, which can be integrated into autonomous vehicle solutions with minimal effort. Prism benefits include:

  • Advanced automotive networking with a software-defined vehicle interface, developed in accordance with ISO 26262 as an ASIL-D component.
  • AV developers can write their software once and deploy it across many vehicle types.
  • A comprehensive, reflective API provides control of vehicles with support for partner, AV, and cloud applications.
  • Accelerated time-to-market, freeing developers to create mobility applications for new markets, rather than develop expensive custom vehicle interfaces that can’t scale.

“Prism helps OEMs and partners across the AV industry address their costly gaps in wasted autonomous vehicle development, scale their operations to meet growing demand for AV solutions, and safely deliver their solutions to market,” said Polysync CEO Greg Drew. “We’re incredibly excited to offer the industry’s first product family of scalable interface solutions.”

Prism’s platform is available in a range of three product editions, providing solutions for every phase of a project lifecycle, from the test track to public roads:

  • OEM Edition: For global OEMs and enterprise-level mobility solutions providers who need an integrated interface layer to leverage their existing AV architecture.
  • Fleet Edition: For AV startups and engineering services firms with projects transitioning from the test track to public roads. This edition incorporates the same standards used during development, and preserves all the testing, certification, and homologation work, but at a more affordable price point.
  • Developer Edition: For advanced engineers developing and testing autonomous vehicle solutions. This edition offers the most advanced vehicle interface, combined with a robust collection of automotive testing tools, and is ideal for solving problems that require faster development cycles.