Policy for geospatial cooperation expected to figure in US-India talks in September

Policy for geospatial cooperation expected to figure in US-India talks in September


India: The recent confirmation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to US in the month of September is likely to kickstart a new chapter in India–US relations, and geospatial is speculated to be part of the overall discussion agenda.

US think-tank Richard M Rossow, who is also Wadhwani chair in India–US Policy Studies at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, in his latest interview to media commended Modi's governance and said," With him on a driver’s seat, the bilateral ties will get a boost and it will become more prudent to restructure the 28 US–India dialogues to make them more focused.”

The September discussions are also expected to cover Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA) for Geospatial Cooperation and Logistics Support Agreement (LSA) which will make the sharing of defence facilities such as Air Force refuelling bases much easier between the two nations. Given the strategic significance of India owing to its geopolitical placement, the new set of discussions are poised to foster new long-range thinking across various sectors.

Most of these 28 dialogues kicked off during the 10-year term of the UPA Government will cover various sectors including India–US strategic forum, Information & Communications Technology Working Group, CEO Forum, Strategic Cyber Policy Dialogue, Cyber Security Consultations, Home Security Dialogue, Strategic Security Dialogue, Joint Working Group on Civil Space Cooperation, Higher Education Dialogue, Aviation Summit and Women’s Empowerment Dialogue, among several others.

Source: Niti Central