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Police seeking funds to buy GPS

The police have been seeking the city administration’s assistance to procure Rp 40 billion-worth of global positioning system (GPS) communications equipment for installation in about 500 patrol cars, according to a city councillor.

Chairman of the Jakarta chapter of the United Development Party (PPP) Syarief Zulkarnain Ginting, on Monday has informed that city police chief Insp. Gen. Makbul Padmanegara had invited councilors from the party to a meeting at the Jakarta Police Headquarters on Monday to gain their support.

City police chief Insp. Gen. Makbul Padmanegara explained to eight legislators in the meeting that the GPS equipment was badly needed.

The police receive an average of 2,800 calls per day about various crimes from the public. The police cannot respond to all the reports quickly due to the absence of an adequate communications system which gives rise to the need of GPS technology.

However, the United Development Party acknowledged that the police needed a lot of money to purchase 500 GPS sets to respond to reports from the public about incidents.

They added that at present the police had only three sets of GPS equipment.