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Poland enhancing topographic databases

Poland: Polish land surveyors are developing a new system known as the Georeferential Database of Topographic Objects (GBDOT). This project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

GBDOT is the largest project of its kind being undertaken in Poland, according to Poland’s Chief Land Surveyor. It aims to harmonise the country’s topographic databases and build a system to manage and provide access to the data. The Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography and the Main Geodetic and Cartographic Documentation Center are among the institutions involved in the project. It is expected that hundreds of thousands of individuals and thousands of businesses and organisations—not counting administrative bodies—will be able to use the Database of Topographic Objects as a public register every year.

According to The Warsaw Voice report, the Database of Topographic Objects will be Poland’s largest and most complete integrated, up-to-date, standardised and specialised register of topographic and geographic collections of data. The register will be administered by a national management system. The system (part of the project) will also ensure that the data compiled in the reference registers of the National Geodetic and Cartographic Service are efficiently and securely collected and processed and that direct access, including online services, will be provided.

Source: www.warsawvoice.pl