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Poland deploys nationwide GNSS infrastructure network

California, 22 March 2007: Trimble announced today it has been chosen by the Polish National Office of Geodesy and Cartography, GUGiK, to supply 78 Continuous Operating Reference Station (CORS) receivers and Trimble VRS (Virtual Reference Station) technology to establish a nationwide Global Navigation Satellite System infrastructure network for the country of Poland. The Trimble VRS network will provide a geospatial infrastructure for surveying, engineering and Geographic Information System (GIS) professionals that enables high accuracy real-time kinematic (RTK) GNSS positioning without the need of separate base stations or software, significantly increasing efficiency and productivity.

The GNSS network, known as ASG (Aktywna Siec Geodezyjna or Network for Online Positioning User Service), will be operated by GUGiK. It will be the second network in Poland and will supply centimeter-level RTK GNSS data for a variety of positioning applications including geodetic and cadastral surveying, road and bridge construction, scientific research as well as other high-accuracy positioning applications. GUGiK is constructing the network in accordance with the standards of the European geospatial infrastructure initiative EUPOS (European Position Determination System). The ASG is expected to be one of the largest reference station networks in Eastern Europe when operational. In addition to the network CORS receivers and network software, GUGiK has also purchased 65 Trimble R8 RTK rovers for its surveying operations.

With the advantages of Trimble VRS software’s advanced ionospheric and troposheric modeling, the extended inter-station spacing allows for the 78 selected Trimble CORS receivers with Trimble Zephyr Geodetic antennas to cover the entire country of Poland. In addition to improving the accuracy of positioning results, the network is expected to enable fast measurements within 2-5 seconds. The use of the network will be free of charge for surveyors for the three years.