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Pocket PC navigation to become more precise

Using the latest Tele Atlas data, Palmtop Software has taken its TomTom Navigator package to new levels of functionality, in the car or in the hand.

When Palmtop Software launched the TomTom Navigator package for hand-held computers in mid-2002 it was an immediate success and sold in tens of thousands. Now TomTom Navigator 2 is taking several steps further ahead.

TomTom Navigator 2 transforms a pocket PC into an easy-to-use personal navigation system. Route planning, map reading and finding a way around difficult traffic conditions are all taken care of.

The latest Tele Atlas mapping data carries a wealth of detail, enabling TomTom to improve the ease of use, with even greater functionality. Despite containing more information, these latest maps do not take up extra memory, thanks to the latest memory-saving techniques.

New features in TomTom Navigator 2, include:

— Navigating from door-to-door using house-number ranges or postcode precision
— Instant route re-planning around any unexpected obstacles encountered on the journey, such as road works or traffic congestion
— Compatibility with the address book in Pocket Outlook to allow route planning directly from the contact database

TomTom Navigator 2 will be available across Europe early in April 2003. Current users will have access to an upgrade.

Tele Atlas is a worldwide leader in the development of state-of-the-art geographic databases. It has the largest portfolio of the most highly detailed and positionally accurate digital maps of both Europe and North America, covering around 343 million inhabitants in 18 European countries and providing 100% coverage of the whole of North America. Visit www.teleatlas.com for more about Tele Atlas. Find information on the latest CDs for the Becker, Blaupunkt, Clarion, Kenwood, Siemens VDO and VDO Dayton (Philips CARiN) navigation systems on www.navshop.com.

Palmtop BV is a global provider of software for handheld computers and mobile phones. TomTom, the consumer brand name for Palmtop BV, offers mobile users a broad range of innovative travel products including personal navigation systems, travel guides and dictionaries. Palmtop was founded in 1991 in The Netherlands and has offices in Amsterdam, London and Boston (MA). The company’s products are sold through a distribution network of top retailers in more than 15 countries.