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Plans afoot for Ethiopia’s next census data collection

Ethiopia, February 24, 2015: The government is planning to spend 1.5 billion Br ($7.4 mn) for the upcoming population census data collection process. The Central Statistics Agency (CSA) has prepared a proposal that includes costs and various work plans to fully carry out the 2016/17 population and housing census of Ethiopia.

The proposal was prepared in June 2014, drawing lessons from the previous population and housing census; it will be submitted to parliament in 2015/16 through the Population Census Commission, which would be established by the end of this budget year.

The Commission will have the responsibility of processing, evaluating and analysing the data collected during the census. It will be chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister and the members of the commission who will be drawn from various Ministries, regional state representatives, the House of Federation, the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia and the CSA, the entire group serving as the Office of the Census Commission (Secretariat).

Currently, some preparations are underway for the census, including logistics, guidelines, questionnaires, and cartographic works, Asalifew Abera, acting director for population and vital statistics at the CSA told media.

The cartographic work, which is used to sub-divide regions into enumeration areas to avoid omission or repetition, will be carried out using ageographic information system (GIS), which would cut the processing time by half — from two years to one, Safi Gemedi, public relations director of CSA informed media. Subsequently, staff recruiting and training will proceed and the cartographic work will begin in May 2015. Unlike the past, the upcoming census will be carried out at the same period of time in all regions of Ethiopia, he added. Formerly, the census in pastoralist areas used to take place after the completion of other areas.

Source: All Africa