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PlanGraphics, Inc., retained by Boyle Engineering

PlanGraphics, Inc., has been retained by Boyle Engineering of Newport Beach, CA, to provide GIS application development services in connection with the Sewer Master Plan for the Cities of Rossmoor and Los Alamitos, California.

The enhancements to the application interface, originally developed by PlanGraphics, included integration with electronic documents and engineering drawings. The current project required an update and integration with digital database files so that a direct, user-driven correlation could be made between mapping features, such as sewer pipeline segments and manholes, and their corresponding attributes in the database records. PlanGraphics staff performed design, build, and join operations on and between various existing database models containing hydrology, feature attributes, and geometry. The facilities data were then incorporated into a multi-view interface to provide a seamless and topologically correct tool to allow users to make simple queries from records in the table to highlighted features on the map and vice versa.