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PlanGraphics Designs and Implements an Enterprise GIS for the City of Franklin, Wisconsin

PlanGraphics, Inc., a provider of professional spatial information technology services, has been selected by the City of Franklin, Wisconsin, to design and implement an enterprise GIS for the city.

In an initial project step, PlanGraphics developed a conceptual design and implementation for the city. PlanGraphics was subsequently retained to implement and manage the city’s GIS. PlanGraphics has developed an ArcInfo coverage and SDE/SQL database design, prepared specifications and an RFP for data conversion, and managed the data conversion contract, including performance of quality control. PlanGraphics also designed and developed GIS applications using ArcInfo tools and ArcIMS. Other implementation services include recommending approaches for integrating existing CAMA, utility billing, building permitting, police records management, and fire records management systems.

In 2002, PlanGraphics will continue the management and staffing of the city’s GIS. Services will include providing support for system operations, database management, and application support. PlanGraphics will also complete edits to the city’s enterprise address file and will develop procedures for ensuring future address file quality. PlanGraphics will provide the following services:

  • Provide maps and other products to support the Council and Commissions
  • Develop training materials and provide GIS training
  • Design and develop Intranet/Internet GIS query applications
  • Develop a maintenance application interface and provide training
  • Develop procedures for integration of FireHouse, Police Records Management System, Cartegraph, and Universe.