PlanGraphics completes Best-Practices study for LOJIC

PlanGraphics completes Best-Practices study for LOJIC


Frankfort, USA, August 29, 2007: PlanGraphics has presented to the Policy Board of the Louisville-Jefferson County Information Consortium (LOJIC) recommendations resulting from a nationwide study of best practices for sustainable enterprise GIS funding and license and user fees.

LOJIC is one of the longest-lived GIS consortiums in the United States, developing and sustaining itself for over 20 years. In concert with an internal strategic planning exercise, the Policy Board sought an understanding of a broader range of alternative funding sources and financing approaches to provide sustained and predictable levels of funding to support GIS in public organizations. PlanGraphics was charged with exploring the “universe” of possible options as a basis for identifying those that were practical options for LOJIC given its history, membership, and future directions. The effort also included the identification of innovative funding sources and mechanisms not typically used for GIS programs but transferable from other initiatives in government.

PlanGraphics was also retained to examine practices associated with the licensing of GIS data, applications and product, establishing related license fees, and the generation of revenues from the sale of or subscription to GIS products.

PlanGraphics presented to the Policy Board a set of recommendations drawn from LOJIC’s existing practices (many of which were themselves “best practices”) as well as the national study. The results were organized to include a Sustainable Funding Transition Plan and revenue and operational practices applicable to short-term through mid-term and long-term.