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PlanetObserver selects Telespazio France as distributor

France: PlanetObserver signed a partnership agreement with Telespazio Franceto to distribute its value-added geospatial data. PlanetObserver produces satellite imagery and terrain products with a global coverage. Its global imagery dataset with 15-meter resolution, processed from Landsat 7 ETM+ data, offers a complete and substantially cloud-free coverage with vibrant natural colours.

Telespazio France large customer base will now have access to PlanetObserver data that can be greatly combined with Telespazio very high resolution product offering.

PlanetObserver claimed that its global Digital Elevation Model (DEM), with 90-meter resolution worldwide, is a unique dataset offering reliable information on all relief areas. Its geospatial products are suitable for IT applications, 2D and 3D simulation and visualisation, virtual globes, web mapping services, moving map solutions and GIS applications.

With its headquarters in Toulouse, Telespazio France is the French subsidiary of Telespazio (Finmeccanica/Thales), one of the world’s leading providers of satellite services and one of the major European suppliers of a large portfolio of geo-information products (imagery, aerial photography, radar) and solutions.

Source: PlanetObserver