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PlanetObserver launches new DEM

US: PlanetObserver presents a new digital elevation model (DEM), entirely reprocessed and offering a global coverage, with 90 meter resolution, that gives highly detailed information on the environment.

The new DEM is processed from SRTM data (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission), version 4.1, combined with many other source data (GDEM Global Digital Elevation Map, cartographic sources, etc.). According to the company, it has compiled and extensively reprocessed the data in order to offer a comprehensive global DEM with precise, corrected and detailed information of the entire Earth.

The new DEM covers emerged lands of the planet (including high and low latitudes, uncovered by SRTM data) and offers corrected data on many relief areas (Alps, Himalayas, Andes, etc.). Terrain data of the entire Alps are also available with 30 meter resolution.

As per the company, this terrain dataset, available exclusively from PlanetObserver, is the quality solution for all simulation and geolocation solutions and 3D projects. Combined with PlanetObserver satellite imagery, this reference terrain dataset is best adapted to create high quality 3D views that are very close to reality.

Source: PlanetObserver