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Planetek Italia, Airbus to provide EO satellite data and services to Eni

An Earth Observation image by Airbus Defence and Space

Toulouse: Italian multinational oil and gas company Eni has awarded a contract to Planetek Italia and Airbus Defence and Space to supply high-resolution Earth observation imagery and services. With this contract, Eni will have actionable information at hand to improve their wide range of onshore and offshore activities.

Both companies will support the capacity of Eni to get valuable information for its planning, monitoring, analysis and reporting activities, by offering remotely sensed satellite products and value-added services, as maritime surveillance and vessel detection, oil spill detection, sea ice monitoring, onshore oil and gas prospect detection.

“We are excited to start this new contract,” says Giovanni Sylos Labini, CEO, Planetek Italia. “We are given an excellent opportunity to assist a major energy company such as Eni in critical operational and decision-making activities, providing state-of-the-art satellite products and value-added services,” Labini adds.

Fran├žois Lombard, Head of the Intelligence Business Cluster, Airbus Defence, and Space says, “We are eager to support a big international Group like Eni with our fleet of optical and radar satellites. Thanks to our intelligence and monitoring solutions tailored for the oil and gas industry, Eni will get actionable information wherever it is needed.”