Planet launches Mission 2 with Space X

Planet launches Mission 2 with Space X

Image Courtesy: Planet

US: Planet has launched its Mission 2 with the help of Space X. Size has always been a strategic advantage for Planet. The company has cornered the market on small satellites. Now it’s time we corner the market on mega satellites – at scale that has never been achieved before.

Mission 2 takes Planet to the next level: imaging the entire solar system on a daily basis. Picture this –

  • Single capture of the entire solar system
  • So much data, you’ll drown in it
  • Machine learning insights delivered straight from the Oort cloud
  • Decades-long build cycles
  • Space junk with its own gravitational field

This means a radically new dataset that can be fed into machine learning algorithms for insights on monitoring frontier moon bases; space weather forecasting; precision terraforming; and asteroid commodities trading

The project is in collaboration with SpaceX — whose newly announced ‘BFR’ launcher is ideally suited to these mega satellites.

“Apart from going to Mars, there’s few use cases for such a large rocket, but we found one,” said Will Marshall, CEO and co-founder of Planet.