Planet Labs to launch the world’s largest fleet of EO satellites

Planet Labs to launch the world’s largest fleet of EO satellites


US: Planet Labs, a space and analytics company, is planning to launch the world’s largest fleet of earth imaging satellites to image the changing planet and provide open access to that information. The company successfully launched two imaging satellites in April 2013 for testing purposes.

Planet Labs, which was founded by former NASA scientists, aims to launch a fleet of earth imaging satellites, called ‘Doves’, that when acting together can provide a new image of the planet at an unprecedented combination of resolution and frequency. To best enable this mission, the company has selected a low orbit for its constellation and an optical resolution of three to five metres – a scale that allows measurement of a tree canopy, but does not compromise individual privacy. This will enable monitoring of deforestation, help improve agricultural yields, track natural disasters and many other applications.

“Planet Labs will create an entirely new data set, with both humanitarian and commercial value,” said Tim O’Reilly of O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures. “We”ve become used to having imagery of the entire earth. What we haven”t yet understood is how transformative it will be when that imagery is regularly and frequently updated.”

Source: Business Wire