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Planet introduces powerful new products at Planet Explore 2020

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Planet recently announced new products and services at Explore 2020.

The list of the products and services announced is as follows:

Planet Fusion Monitoring: it is Planet’s first in a series of game-changing Fusion products that combine multiple data types and refine them into a single information stream. Fusion Monitoring incorporates Planet’s high-frequency, daily data with additional datasets to provide an uninterrupted stream of consistent measurements that’s free of gaps and clouds and ideal for time-series analysis.

Rapid Revisit, 50cm SkySat is now live and available to customers. Rapid Revisit delivers the very best intraday revisit capability of any high-resolution, commercial imagery provider. This capability is accessible through the automated Tasking Dashboard that permits customers to quickly, simply, and directly submit, modify, and cancel tasking orders.

Automated Change Detection allows customers to efficiently locate where change has occurred in roads or buildings across the globe.

With Custom Model Development, customers can work with Planet’s professional services team to efficiently define their own land classification models that are completely bespoke to their needs and can be deployed at-scale as a Planet Analytic Feed.

A direct integration with Google Earth Engine (GEE) makes it hassle-free for a single user to analyze geospatial datasets and run them at a global scale. This integration allows Planet customers to order Planet imagery directly to their GEE accounts using familiar Planet APIs & GUIs at no additional cost.

Planet’s blog post quoted Martin Van Rysywk, Planet’s SVP of Product as saying that the ways in which their users build upon their data to create innovative solutions is what fuels them to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.