Planet to help Human Rights Watch document rights violations across the world

Planet to help Human Rights Watch document rights violations across the world

Multiple villages on fire in Myanmar. Image Courtesy: Planet

US: A new partnership between Planet and Human Rights Watch will enable the latter to substantially increase its use of satellite imagery to document rights violations around the world. Satellite imagery plays a crucial role in exposing abuses, especially in countries where access for human rights investigators is severely restricted, such as Myanmar or Syria.

“Planet’s generous arrangement with Human Rights Watch, with access to its vast collection of high-resolution satellite data, will help provide timely evidence of unfolding abuses in some of the world’s most dangerous spots,” said Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch. “This partnership will boost our ability to monitor complex events as they occur and help identify those responsible for atrocities.”

In recent months, satellite images have played a very important role in documenting widespread human rights abuses and atrocities in conflict zones around the world. Planet’s data is especially suited for research on abuses related to land rights and the environment.

“Planet seeks to use its groundbreaking technology to promote human rights, protect the earth, and diminish suffering,” said Andrew Zolli, who leads global impact initiatives at Planet. “As one of the first satellite companies to originate entirely from the civilian sector, Planet is uniquely suited to support Human Rights Watch’s mission of documenting rights abuses wherever and whenever they occur.”