Placebase partners with Urban Mapping

Placebase partners with Urban Mapping


Los Angeles, USA, November 19, 2007: Placebase, Inc., the makers of the Pushpin online mapping platform, announced a partnership with Urban Mapping Inc. (UMI), the leading provider of enhanced local interactive content. As part of this agreement, Urban Mapping’s neighbourhood boundary database will be available on the Pushpin platform.

Neighbourhood boundaries are of significant value across the local search and interactive real estate landscape as they represent how users think about space, something ZIP code boundaries has proven woefully inadequate at providing. The UMI neighbourhood database contains more than 25,000 distinct neighbourhoods, each geographically defined. Coverage includes more than 1,000 cities and towns in the US. A Canadian and European product includes an additional 100+ cities.

Pushpin is an application platform for advanced mapping that offers a user experience identical to that of the portal mapping platforms. Pushpin’s advanced capabilities include availability of large numbers of map layers on tap, display of thousands of markers rather than dozens, and dynamic rendering of shaded thematic maps reflecting thousands of data variables. Pushpin provides name-brand mappable data via API, including demographic and lifestyle indicators from ESRI and Claritas, and now neighbourhood boundaries from Urban Mapping.

“I’m thrilled to be able to offer Urbanware Neighborhoods to our customers. Urban Mapping’s great data and unique understanding of the local search marketplace is a natural compliment for our map API,” said Jaron Waldman Founder and CEO of Placebase, “by packaging best-of-breed datasets like Urbanware with the Pushpin map platform, we provide an integrated solution that allows our customers to stop worrying about the time and expense involved with assembling data and technology pieces from multiple vendors. Pushpin lets our customers get on with their business.”

“The Pushpin technology is a robust yet flexible mapping platform. UMI’s neighbourhoods product has been seamlessly integrated to give Pushpin customers unrivalled control over how neighbourhoods appear on their maps — literally giving Pushpin developers an ‘on/off switch’ for Urban Mapping neighbourhoods,” commented Ian White, CEO of Urban Mapping. “This is the first of several exciting announcements we’ll be making over the next few months, so stay tuned.”