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Pixxures to do aerial mapping of Chicago

Pixxures, Inc., a provider of Aerial mapping, and imagery web services, announced another direct digital aerial mapping project – the City of Chicago. This marks one of several direct digital projects that Pixxures will be completing, or has already completed this year.

The project boundary consists of 441.45 square miles and flown suitable for the production of six-inch resolution natural-color digital orthophotography. Pixxures will utilize its patented ortho-update technology in order to leverage City of Chicago and Cook County, Illinois’ existing Digital Terrain Model (DTM) data thus reducing the overall cost. The multi-spectral capability of Pixxures’ technology offers the City of Chicago the option to take receipt of the Near InFRARED band to support environmental needs.

The goals for the program are to obtain 6 inch resolution color imagery that will supplement the City of Chicago’s geospatial database to support change detection, planning, and asset management. Aerial image capture occurred in mid-April and will be completed within 90-days after receipt of all customer furnished materials.