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Pixxures releases LineWorks software

Pixxures, Inc. a provider of aerial mapping, direct digital image processing, and imagery web services, has released its vector alignment software, LineWorks, for licensing into the commercial market. The LineWorks technology replaces traditional vector alignment processes such as “rubber sheeting” that often compromise data integrity and prohibit consistent adjustment of associated annotation. The LineWorks software is a standalone package that does not require additional licenses of GIS/CAD software. LineWorks works both in the Linux and Windows environments and supports numerous external data formats. The goal of the in-house effort to develop LineWorks, was to create a software so user friendly and task driven that it would allow Pixxures to compete with other companies that were sending data offshore for alignment. LineWorks enables large shifts of inaccurate data adjacent to accurate data, requiring only small shifts, without affecting data integrity. The links can be copied to ensure consistent shifts and entire “blocks” of data can be moved at once. The link file is not resident in the GIS data layer in which it was created, but exists as a separate file that can be edited and applied to any associated GIS layers. Pixxures, Inc. is a services company located in the Denver area, U.S. focused on developing new and advanced technologies that result in high quality cost effective mapping and photogrammetry solutions for its customers.